Tips for Purchasing Pawn Shop Firearms in Amarillo

It isn’t always easy to find just the right affordable gun. One potential solution some people may overlook is the possibility of purchasing Firearms in Amarillo in a pawn shop. Taking a few things into consideration makes it more likely you’ll get the most gun for your money.

Inspect Them Carefully

Ask the pawn shop owner about what’s allowed when checking out the gun. Hopefully, you can take it apart and inspect it for broken parts, cracks, pitting, rust or any other damage. It’s also nice if you can dry fire the gun. Some owners may allow field stripping or removing the grip, others may not. It’s important to be knowledgeable about the gun in question or you might not spot something wrong with the gun. Those without this knowledge are better off at a regular gun shop buying a new gun.

Pricing Considerations

Before discussing price, it’s a good idea to know what similar firearms in Amarillo are selling for. There is a Blue Book for this, or you can check out sites that sell large volumes of guns to see what prices people are paying. Ask the person behind the counter how much the gun is, and then be prepared to bargain. The more you know about what the gun is worth, the easier this will be. Most pawn shops will be willing to bargain down about 20 percent off of the price, especially if you’re nice about it.


The selection at a pawn shop will vary greatly, even from day to day. Give the pawn shop a few chances when looking for guns, as the inventory can change quite a bit. The age, condition and variety of options available at the time of your visit may not meet your needs, so be prepared to shop around a bit if you’re on a set budget looking for a good deal. Some guns are likely to be more meant for collectors, while others may be good for those who are looking for a carry gun.

for more information and to see what firearms are currently available for purchase. It’s also possible to bring in firearms to pawn or sell.

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    Author: Greene Connor

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