To Buy, Sell, or Pawn Gold, Contact One of the Leading Gold Dealers in Chicago

Gold is always a safe investment and has been so for centuries. It has always been valuable. Many gold dealers in Chicago and other experts feel that gold is undervalued. In 2011, gold was selling for almost $1,900 per ounce. In 2017, gold prices have generally been between $1,200 and $1,250 per ounce.

Gold: The Ultimate Recyclable

No one in their right mind would want to do it, but it would be possible to recycle the gold jewelry, statues, and other items found in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs such as King Tut. Those items could be melted down and made into gold bars, coins, or jewelry. Today, consumer electronics use gold in some of their components. Recycling the gold from old computers and other devices is a steady business.

Broken and scrap gold, as well as unwanted jewelry, always have value. Instead of collecting dust at the bottom of a jewelry box, gold jewelry can be taken to a pawn shop such as Clark’s in Chicago and sold for cash. Other valuables, including diamonds, silver, platinum, jewelry, watches, gold and silver coins, electronics, cameras and musical instruments, can also be sold for ready cash.

Use Gold as Collateral

Gold is the best collateral for a loan. Nations stockpile gold to back their currencies and protect their economies. Individuals can use gold as collateral to get a loan. When the loan is obtained at a pawn shop, there’s no need for a credit check, a lot of paperwork, or cosigners. The item is checked to verify its quality and a deal is offered. If the customer accepts, they have the cash they need when they walk out the door. It’s that easy. When the loan is paid back as agreed, the item is returned.

Buy Gold and Jewelry

Pawn shops are one of the best places to buy gold. The big name jewelry stores at the mall have high markups on the rings, bracelets, watches, and other items they sell. Similar pieces can often be found at pawn shops at much better prices. This is also true for laptops and other electronic devices, cameras, and many items you’d never expect to find.

Clark Pawners & Jewelers is one of the leading gold dealers in Chicago. Clark’s buys, sells, and makes loans on gold and other items of value. Contact us today.

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