How Gas Fireplace Services Keep Homes Safe and Beautiful

Gas fireplaces are popular because they provide a steady source of heat and are easy to use. However, they do require expert installation and maintenance in order to remain safe and efficient. As a result, homeowners with gas inserts depend on professionals like The Fireplace Guys. They can install, upgrade and maintain fireplaces and convert wood fireplaces to gas.

Technicians Can Add Fireplaces to Any Space

One of the most popular Gas Fireplace Services is the expert installation of brand new fireplaces. Customers often order them when they are building new homes or remodeling and want to add charming elements that will double as heat sources. The installation process typically begins when professionals consult with homeowners and help them choose the type and location of their new fireplaces. Experts can offer a wide variety of options that include corner and glass see-through models. They will also add brick, metal, glass or custom surrounds. In most cases experts install new fireplaces in a day. Their direct vent models do not need chimneys, so they can be added to any space.

Professionals Will Convert Wood Burning Fireplaces to Gas

Professional Gas Fireplace Services also include changing wood-burning fireplaces to gas. Clients often take this step so that they do not have to buy and stack wood. Gas also burns cleaner and a fire can be started with the click of a remote. Gas inserts require little maintenance and are energy efficient. During conversions homeowners often take the opportunity to upgrade surrounds and accessories, which give rooms face lifts.

Specialists Keep Gas Fireplaces Safe and Efficient

One of the most important fireplaces services is routine maintenance. Customers can schedule regular inspections via sites like Technicians can then examine parts and make minor repairs. They will clean components to keep them efficient and test for dangerous carbon monoxide. They ensure that outdoor vents are working properly, which keeps indoor air clean and safe. If homes include chimneys, technicians inspect them and make sure there are no buildups that could emit fumes. Professionals also examine and repair or replace fireplace remotes.

Gas fireplace specialists can install beautiful, functional fireplaces anywhere in homes, even when there are no chimneys. They also convert wood fireplaces to gas and can add a variety of elegant surrounds. These professionals also inspect, maintain and repair gas fireplaces, to keep them attractive, efficient and safe.

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