Gas Fireplaces for Sale – Features of the Direct Vent Version

For some, fireplaces bring to the memory the smell of burning wood behind a metal grate in the cold of winter. They can also remind us of the smoke and soot that builds up during the process of burning. As the fire crackles and the family is gathered together, the memories evoked can be quite pleasant. However, modern gas fireplaces for sale are much cleaner and efficient in their operation than those units of the past.

Modern direct vent gas fireplaces have replaced the old-fashioned fireplaces of the past. These units contain a factory made metal box that is framed into the wall of your residence. At times, these units are built right into the wall framing during the construction of the house itself. They can be installed from existing home without excessive modifications as well.

Gas fireplaces for sale incorporate venting that runs through the wall to the outside air. Even if you already have a wood-burning chimney in place, you can install these gas fireplace units. These efficient units bring air from the outside into the firebox. The system produces heat which is sealed in a combustion system and then distributed efficiently and easily throughout the room while preserving the quality of the indoor air.

Electrical power is required to run the blower and other accessories of one of these gas fireplaces for sale. However, electricity is not required to power the burner and flame controller – that power can be supplied by batteries.

You have various options available with the installation of these gas fireplaces. These included using rigid or flexible pipes which go to the outside air. Flexible pipes allow you to maneuver the venting around particular obstacles in the wall. You can also have venting come from the top rear of the unit right angle, such as at 45 degree, to utilize the available space in the most efficient way.

Where to Install a Direct Vent Fireplace
Several different rooms can easily accommodate the direct vent variety of gas fireplace –including the living room, bedroom, basement, and other living areas you wish to heat.

In addition, be sure to consider the color and style of the unit that will match your room’s décor as well as your tastes and preferences.

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