How to Light a Gas Fireplace – Five Steps

With a modern gas fireplace, you do not need to burn firewood in the old traditional way. As such, these fireplaces don’t require extensive cleanup of ash and soot after the fire is extinguished. These fireplaces can be powered by either a natural gas line or a propane tank. You can achieve cozy warmth in your living spaces through one of many available gas fireplaces on the market today. One thing that is important is to know how to light a gas fireplace properly. This is a simple procedure to learn.

The five steps explained below will show you how to light your gas fireplace by turning on the gas inside.

Find the Fireplace Controls

The fireplace controls can often be found on the fireplace floor. You may find them behind the plate or a metal grate. If this is the case, raise or lower the cover that conceals the controls for easy access.

Find the Ignition Button

Next in the process of learning how to light a gas fireplace is to locate the ignition button. An ignition button will come with many new modern gas fireplace units. If you don’t have an ignition button, you may need to light the log with a match when the pilot light is lit.

Locate the Control Knob

The control knob will usually have the words “Off”, “On”, and “Pilot.” If the knob is on or on pilot, turn it to the off position. Then, let a few minutes go by before you light the pilot light.

Light the Pilot Light

The next step in how to light a gas fireplace involves lighting the pilot light itself. This can be done by twisting the knob to the pilot position. Continue to press down on the control knob while pressing the ignition switch one time per second. Once you’ve lit the pilot light, stop pressing the ignition switch and continue pressing the control knob for about half a minute. You can then release the knob.

If the pilot light does not ignite after this process, repeat it again after a few minutes. After repeating the process, if you still cannot get the light to ignite, get assistance from your gas company.

Turn the Control Knob “On” With a Sustained Pilot Light

The last step in how to light a gas fireplace involves removing yourself from the unit to avoid receiving a burn. If your unit has an ignition button, turn it to the “on” position. If it does not have an ignition button, you will need to extend a long lit match over the log. After this, you will need to turn the key valve on, allowing gas to enter the unit.

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