Tips for Self Storage in Fort Myers FL When Someone Is Moving in a Hurry

Sometimes people have to move in a hurry and need to rent Self Storage in Fort Myers FL while they stay with a friend or relative. For instance, a person being evicted from an apartment or a foreclosed house may not have a lot of time left to look for a new place, and may not be able to afford it yet either. A person who wants to get out of a bad marriage may decide to make the move rather suddenly so he or she won’t once again be charmed into staying. A fantastic job offer in another state may be presented with the stipulation that the person has to start in two weeks.


When someone is trying to get out of a place within two weeks or even less time, it isn’t possible to consider a lot of the tips commonly provided when moving belongings into self storage in Fort Myers FL. Using up food in the pantry isn’t an option, for example. The canned goods can be brought to storage if necessary, but boxed and bagged food should not because it may attract rodents and bugs.


Getting a variety of box sizes is helpful. When time is of the essence, however, sturdy mid-sized containers like liquor boxes are very useful and are in plentiful supply. Even though there isn’t much time to be organized, at least labeling the boxes with one or two words about their contents will help enormously once the person eventually gets settled into a new abode. Even the word “kitchen” will help, and a slightly more detailed description of “glasses and cups” is even better. Marking containers with breakable items “fragile” is important.

Placement of Belongings

An important aspect to consider is that items that may be needed relatively soon should go closer to the front of the storage unit at a facility such as Ready2Move Moving & Storage. Anything that is likely to stay in the unit longer should go toward the back. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient and time-consuming trying to find things like bags of clothing for the upcoming season or some other personal items. Contact us to learn about this particular storage center.

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