Custom Design Manufacturing: Making The Right Choices

Valves are a necessary component in a vast array of industrial products, production methods, and services. They are available in types to address diverse functions and applications. They come in the following common types:

 * Ball
 * Butterfly
 * Disc Check
 * Gate
 * Globe
 * Plug
 * Pinch

In addition to the standard production of these various kinds, you can also request specialized versions from a custom design manufacturing company.

Customization: Making the Right Choice

Standardized products are suitable for many applications. Stock valves provide the basis for ensuring the ongoing productive operations of many companies. However, they are not always the answer. Customization offers the chance to modify valves for non-standard solutions. For such applications, a custom design manufacturing company provides services that:

 * Produce a basic prototype that addresses unusual, complex or unique environments or conditions
 * Provide a template for further reproduction of the prototype for this distinctive valve
 * Can utilize non-standard materials
 * Can not only fulfill specifications but improve efficiency, decrease maintenance requirements and extend the life of the overall process

Yet, the company that chooses to follow the customization route should not do so frivolously. It is imperative to choose the valve customization company based on a knowledge of their reputation. It must exhibit a clear knowledge of not only valve types but also of everything that comprises a good valve. By necessity, it includes a comprehensive understanding of what materials and types will fulfill the specifications and match the functions of the applications.

Custom Design Manufacturing

Valve construction must match function. The material, size, shape, type, and capabilities of the valve need to be a perfect match with the application. While cost does figure into the purchase-purpose equation, it may be initially necessary to stress the former. This is certainly the case when a custom-made solution is required. While valve custom design manufacturing may be more expensive in the short term, it will prove very cost-effective for those who require long-term, effective solutions.

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