Tips for Working with Sewing Contractors

Choosing to work with sewing contractors is the ideal choice if you have stitching work that you need completed quickly without sacrificing quality. In some cases, working with a contractor can be challenging, yet it does not have to be that way. When you understand the process, you will be able to identify your expectations early in the development of the project. This can make all the difference in your working relationship.

The Importance of a Cutting Ticket

You need to provide sewing contractors with a cutting ticket for each of your orders. It should list the name and number of the style, a number for the pattern, sizes, colors, sewing instructions and a few additional details regarding your project.

It is not wise to simply assume that telling the contractor what you want means he or she will be able to remember all of the details. Therefore, what you expect with every order should be in writing.

Samples Can Be Costly

Samples may be more expensive than you realize. When you have samples made, the price of production that you will be expected to pay can double or even triple. This is important to consider when you are determining the number of styles to include in your line.

It is important to note that while some sewing contractors will be excited to do your samples, some will refuse sewing samples. Therefore, you will need to check with the contractor early on if you plan to have samples produced.

Clear Payment Agreement

It is crucial that you are clear about payments. When it comes to production manufacturing, you typically are required to pay for the project by the piece. For sample sewing, you may be charged by the hour or by the piece.

It is important that this is clarified upfront. This is also the time to talk about when and how payments are required, which will eliminate any surprises further down the road once product has already begun.

Finally, you will need to treat sewing contractors with the utmost respect. Being a paying customer does not mean you have the right to be bossy and difficult. Treat your contractor as a partner whose talents your greatly respect. Make your payments on time and keep your word. By sticking to these few simple guidelines, everything will run smoothly when you are working with sewing contractors.

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