Things to Discuss with the Parking Lot Contractor

Parking lots provide a measure of convenience for both customers and employees. To maximize the space and the amount of parking, a solid design plan must be utilized. These are some of the items to discuss with the contractor before the parking lot is paved.

Traffic flow is one of the biggest items to discuss with the Parking Lot Paving Contractor. Traffic flow starts with how cars will enter and exit the space as well as determine the direction of movement. In tighter spaces, the flow may require incorporating lanes in which the cars move in a single direction. By effectively creating a loop for entrance and exits, the flow of traffic goes in one direction. If there is more space, two lanes can be effectively created. Sometimes, flow of traffic is also determined by how the streets are setup by the city.

Another item to discuss is how much room to create between rows. It is important to keep in mind the fact cars need a certain amount of space to back out and pull in. While more lanes can mean more parking spaces, there must be an adequate separation to allow room for maneuvering. Since not everyone is an expert at backing out of a space, a few extra inches can make a difference.

The type of customers the business will receive is another item to discuss with the Parking Lot Paving Contractor. Certain types of customers may drive a specific vehicle. For example, a home improvement store may expect to have a large number of trucks. Since trucks are typically bigger in size, they need more parking space. This means the lines for parking will have to be wider than what is considered standard. A truck stop may need accommodation for really big vehicles.

Planning a parking lot requires considering the traffic flow, how vehicles are going to enter and get out of a space as well as what makes and models are common with customers. An effective parking lot plan will incorporate all of these items into it. Check out website for more information on parking lots and how to effectively design them. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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