How to Handle a Bicycle Accident With a Vehicle In Elk Grove Village

It’s uncommon, but it’s possible. You take a corner, or ride into an intersection, and the next moment, you’re on the asphalt with a smashed bike and major injuries.

When a car rams into a bicycle – or vice versa – it doesn’t take much physics to know what the results are. However, if you’ve been hit by a car in an accident that was definitely not the result of your own negligence, then you’ve got a few options to help cover your medical costs and damages.

According to, the legal resources page, nearly half of all bicycle-car collisions occur at intersections. However, bicycle accidents only involve an automobile 11 percent of the time. Nearly 60 percent of bicycle accidents are due to losing control of the bike and crashing. While that can alleviate the worries of many cyclists fearing open traffic, it doesn’t help you if you’re part of the unlucky 11 percent.

What to Do After a Bicycle-Car Collision

What does help you, however, is the phone number of an attorney. By calling Elk Grove Village bicycle accident lawyers, you can get a better idea of what your next step should be depending on the exact nature of the accident and your circumstances. A professional law firm, like that at, can help you figure out the next step in the right direction.

Typically, the first step is to speak to the car driver’s insurance provider. A driver’s liability insurance should pick up the tab as per the driver’s policy. If, however, the insurance provider fails to pay up by denying a claim, due to an avoidable accident or other reasons listed by AllLaw, it’ll be on you to seek the necessary legal help to ensure that you get the compensation you need to move on with your life.

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