Tips to Know Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Lawyers

While at the onset of marriage, people expect to stay together forever and ever “til death do them part,” reality has shown that is not always the case. At times, the marriage sours and the couple find themselves in the position of needing an attorney for a divorce. If you are living out in California and you need a Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA, these are some tips you should follow before hiring one.

The decision to get a divorce is stressful enough as it is without the extra worry or concern about hiring the right lawyer to argue your case. You will want the lawyer with whom you have developed some degree of rapport. Although you think it is highly unlikely, work with an attorney who does not know your spouse, nor has had any type of interaction with him or her. The reason for this is you will want representation that is working with the “blind scales of justice,” if you will. You do not want someone whose emotions will be colored by information he or she already knows. The next thing to get clarity on is exactly what the attorney’s fees are. You do not want to be blindsided by hidden fees or sudden appendages of funds that were not there at onset. Afterwards, establish if the attorney is really the right lawyer for your case. Find out what cases he or she has already argued (and won) if any. Finally, test the dependability of the attorney and see if he or she will return your call in a reasonable time. You do not want someone who is really not going to be there for you when you need them.

Now that you have taken the prospective attorney through the checklist, you are ready to hire your Divorce Attorney in Paradise CA. Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law practice family law in Chico, California and are seasoned to help clients in the family law areas of divorce, child custody, child support, pre-nuptial agreements, and restraining orders, to name a few.











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