Top Walk-in cooler and refrigerator maintenance tips

Walk-in freezers are important for commercial success. Keeping them in the best shape means your business will be operational all year round without disappointed customers. Choosing an appropriate walk in refrigerator in Charleston, SC is the first step. You have to make sure it is maintained and operates at optimum. Here are a few maintenance tips for the walk in refrigerator owner;


It is advisable to always keep the cooler or freezer as clean as possible. Soap and water are the recommended cleaning agents as harsh chemicals can harm the metal surfaces. Make sure to also sweep or mop the surrounding floors and keep them debris free. Any spills should immediately be cleaned off to avoid any unnecessary dangerous freezing. Further, it is important to schedule regular cleaning of the evaporator fan blades and coils.

Doors and Hinges

The hinges on the doors should be lubricated regularly. The recommendation is quarterly, as this ensures they are closing properly. Ideally, doors must not be left open for extended periods of time. The doors should always be closed, except of course during entry or when exiting the freezer or refrigerator.


A huge part of maintenance is simply making sure the freezer or refrigerator works well. This means one has to have at least a preliminary understanding of the function. You will need, for instance, to check the condensing unit for proper operation. The areas around the condensing units and evaporators must always be clear to ensure the air flows properly. Make sure no debris or trash accumulates within the walk-in.


This might seem redundant, but it is important to monitor the temperatures daily. Any fluctuations can be a sign that the refrigerator is not working properly. Some cooler control systems record and store a history of up to 10 years to help technicians track and diagnose problems. These systems also have warming lights that flash to warn of a potential problem.


At some point you might have to seek professional help. Schedule routine upkeep to make sure the equipment is working as it should. Experienced refrigeration technicians will likely know the signs of wear and tear in situations where an inexperienced eye might not be too skilled. Early detection of some problems could make a huge difference, preventing instances of costly emergency repairs.

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