Trash Removal and Recycling in Nassau County NY for a Cluttered Estate

Bringing scrap metal to a recycling facility is a way to earn some extra cash. However, some people are facing such big housecleaning projects that they will not have time to sort and transport things. A better option for them may be a company that provides dumpsters and roll-off containers to area residents to load junk into. After the company picks up the container, the worker’s sort items for Recycling in Nassau County NY and throw all the true junk into the trash.

Dealing With an Estate Inheritance

An example of a huge housecleaning project is one in which adult children have inherited an estate, and the home is packed full of stuff they don’t want. Anything that’s still reasonable usable could be sold in an estate sale or by an auction company, or delivered to a thrift shop. In many cases, however, the furniture is too worn, the appliances are too old and the magazines in the basement smell musty.

Metal: Always in Demand

However, many of the items can be sorted for Recycling in Nassau County NY. Metal is always in demand. If the family members clearing out the house can take time to set aside aluminum and copper, in particular, those objects can be worth bringing to a scrap metal buyer. Otherwise, they can simply put everything in the dumpster and not have to deal with it further.

Where the Metal Goes

What happens to the metal after it leaves a roll-off container provider such as V. Garofalo Carting Inc.? It’s impossible to determine the path taken by each piece, but some educated guesses can be made. For example, recycled aluminum cans commonly are made into new aluminum cans. Other recycled aluminum may appear again in lawn chairs or vehicle components. Copper may be used for electrical wiring, motors, and heating elements.

Large Metal Items

These companies typically accept practically everything except hazardous materials, although they may specify that certain large things like appliances should be kept out of the container. The family dealing with the estate will leave many metal items in place because they are fundamental to the home, but old window air conditioners and refrigerators may be ready for the junk pile.

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