Umbrella Personal Insurance in Burleson TX

Although overall numbers are declining, personal injury cases are still an everyday event, and they still cause substantial risks to renters, homeowners, and drivers. Many things, such as slip-and-fall accidents, car crashes, and dog bites, can lead to legal action, but not every suit ends in a judgment. Here, readers will learn how Personal Insurance in Burleson TX can protect them from liability and financial loss.

Where Liability Coverage is Useful
Liability coverage is included in most personal insurance plans, and home, auto, renter’s and landlord insurance offer it to protect the insured from legal action. Liability insurance covers damage up to the policy limit, and it can also cover legal fees. However, the coverage limit itself can put one at risk if it is insufficient.

Extending Liability Limits
For a policyholder concerned about coverage gaps or that existing limits may be insufficient, there is an additional protective layer. Umbrella insurance policies extend liability limits beyond normal policies, adding up to five million dollars in coverage. Umbrella policies can extend liability limits to fill other gaps, such as:

  • Offering coverage anywhere around the world. If one causes an automobile accident in France, an umbrella policy covers a liability claim regardless of where it occurs.
  • Covering claims denied by other policies. An existing renter’s, homeowner’s, or auto insurance policy may not cover a lawsuit filed for slander, defamation of character, or libel, but an umbrella policy does cover them.

Personal Umbrella Policies are an Inexpensive Way to Protect Assets
Umbrella Personal Insurance in Burleson TX is relatively inexpensive to obtain. It’s possible to get $1 million in coverage for less than $200 per year. The more homes and cars one has, the more the coverage will cost, but prices are still low. In addition to vehicles and homes, liabilities associated with motorcycles, boats, and RVs may be covered under an umbrella policy depending on the insurer.

Lawsuits are common in today’s society, and one accident can have lifelong effects on a person’s assets, home, and future. If there’s a concern that an existing coverage limit isn’t enough to protect one’s assets the way they should be protected, the customer should consider the additional protection provided by personal umbrella policies from

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