Understanding the Basics of a Facelift

Having any type of plastic surgery should not be undertaken without some honest conversations with your surgeon and yourself. Many facelifts in Chicago are performed every day and while it has become a fairly common procedure, done by celebrities and every day men and women as well, it is still something that needs to be carefully considered. Here are few of the key things you need to look at during this important decision making process:

1. Your motivation.
Why do you want a face lift? It is not the get-beautiful quick trick many seem to think it is so you will need to think about and talk about what is motivating you to have this type of surgery done.

2. Your expectations.
Like any plastic surgery procedure, the level of success and how satisfied you are with the results largely will depend on what you are expecting at the end and ensuring you are not setting yourself up for disappointment by expecting something that is not possible in your situation.

3. Your emotional state.
Your mental focus needs to be carefully considered. If you are in the middle of a huge life change event- a break up, job loss, relationship issues, mid-life crisis, or something similar, a facelift might need to wait to make sure you are trying to use it as a ‘rebound’ to get through the hard time.

4. Your support system.
You will want to have a good medical and surgical team on your side but you also need to consider what at-home support system you have to help you during your recovery after surgery!

5. The expense.
It goes without saying but you need to make sure you can afford to have the procedure done, and afford it without dipping into things like college funds, vacation savings, home emergency funds and other essentials.

6. The risks.
Talk to your surgeon honestly about the risks involved with your facelift procedure and what you need to prepare for and what could go wrong. Beings prepared gives you power and will help you feel less out of control and will help you face any problems much easier.

If you are ready to start talking about your facelift options with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon then contact Chicagoland Aesthetics today and see for yourself how they do facelifts in Chicago better than anyone!

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