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Installing a safe is one of the best things you can do to secure your valuables in your home or office. A safe not only protects your money, documents, and valuable objects from theft; it can also preserve them in the case of a fire or flood. Many people also purchase gun safes to keep firearms safe from children. If you’re considering increasing your home security by hiring Safe Services in Chicago IL to install a safe, the following information will be useful.

Not all safes offer the same protections. For example, some may protect against theft but not against fire or flood. Some may protect against all three. It’s a good idea to check carefully that the safe you buy will actually give you the security you need. Within each category, safes offer different levels of protection as well. You’ll need a different type of safe to protect documents in case of fire than to protect old films, for example. You’ll also need to see how many minutes of fire protection the safe guarantees because it will not be unlimited.

Gun safes do not all come with ratings. Some are made of thin metal and can be broken into fairly quickly with the right tools. For a more secure gun safe, look for one that bears a United Laboratories (UL) burglar rating of TL-15 or 30. This indicates the safe is resistant to tools. The UL rating system applies to any safe, and the rating you need depends on the value of the contents.

Safes are heavier than they look, which is part of their value as a deterrent to theft. A small safe that measures 1.3 cubic feet will weigh around a hundred pounds, making it much too heavy for a burglar to pick up and carry away quickly.

There are several types of locks to choose from. Some are mechanical, some electronic, and some locks have dual systems. Electronic locks should be electromagnetic pulse (EMP)-resistant.

While a safe is a useful tool for securing certain documents or valuables, one safe is not enough to fully secure your home or business. Door locks and an alarm system work together with your safe to keep all the contents of your home, including the people, secure. For more information about Safe Services in Chicago IL, visit or their Facebook page.

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