Stay at Home, Not Jail, While Awaiting a Trial

What happens when a person is accused of a crime and arrested? The person is now called a defendant. They will need the services of an attorney; that is why a person is read their Miranda Rights stating that they can stay silent, and that they have the right to an attorney to defend them. If they can’t pay for an attorney, one who is working pro bono, which is a no charge, or lesser fee will handle the case. There will be a time stated when the defendant must appear in court. What happens if they decide to run away?

Depending on the severity of each crime, a bond (a specific amount of money) must be arranged so that the defendant does not take off. This is normally a very difficult time for any person facing criminal charges.

They may be accused of running someone down and leaving the scene, or accused of killing someone outright with a gun or knife. Whatever the charges are, the judge states the amount of the bond and a company that specializes in Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA handles it for the person.

Many times people who are not a flight risk are released on their own recognizance. This means that the court understands they’ve always been upstanding, and they won’t run away as soon as they’re released from the jail.

For those who are a flight risk, and are accused of a major crime, a lot of money may be involved. If the bond is set at an extremely high amount, family or friends may have to get involved to guarantee the bail bond company that payment will be returned to them if the defendant flees.

Many times, the crime is so violent, the judge will not allow the accused out of jail. The Bail Bonds in Douglasville GA are issued on a personal basis. They understand that each person is different and work with them accordingly.

They accept many possessions from the defendant, family, and friends as collateral, which means if they don’t receive the money that was given to the court, the possessions will be sold to repay it.

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