Using Garage Doors Repair in Carson City To Fix A Broken Wood Door

When someone accidentally taps their brakes too late as they pull into their driveway, resulting in damage to their garage door, they will want to make repairs quickly. Calling a service specializing in Garage Doors Repair in Carson City will ensure the opening is fixed properly so it will be able to be used again without incident.
A specialist would come to the home to assess the amount of damage sustained from the impact of the vehicle. If there is damage straight through to the interior of the garage door, the panels would need to be removed and replaced with new ones. If the damage is only on the exterior of the wood, the repair will not be as extensive, ultimately saving the homeowner money as a result.

The garage door repair specialist would first clean down the wood to determine how deep the crack or hole is before making a decision on whether to attempt a repair or do a full replacement. If the void appears shallow, they would use a professional-grade wood putty to fill in the damaged portion of the door. This will quickly harden into place, giving the wood added stability so there is no risk of breakage as the door is opened or closed. The service would then use a sanding machine to smooth the putty so it is level with the rest of the wood door.

After a wood panel replacement or repair is made, the service will repaint the wood door so the fixed portion is no longer prominent. The door will not be able to be utilized until after the paint dries. After wards, the homeowner will enjoy having a fresh, new-looking door without an indication there was any blemish in it previously.

If someone is in need of a service that does Garage Doors Repair in Carson City, they can call a few reputable businesses to see if they are seasoned in making repairs to wood paneled doors. Visit the website of a garage door repair specialist to find out more about the process. An appointment can be made for an evaluation of the damage if requested.

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