Using Riser Monitoring for Informed Decision Making

Riser monitoring plays a key role in offshore drilling operations. These systems offer a variety of features that address both safety and cost benefits. As with any industry, accurate monitoring can provide increased knowledge, accuracy and efficiency.

Risers are pipelines developed for the vertical transport of products. Items such as these are primarily utilized in the oil industry, although there are other industries where risers and transportation systems are useful. These pipelines transport the items extracted via drilling processes from at seafloor level to facilities at the water’s surface.

Riser Designs
Risers come in a number of designs that can take either a rigid or flexible form. Depending on their location, need and overall system design risers are utilized in varying manners such as pull tubes, rise towers and drilling risers to name a few. Though the physics behind the concept of a riser and its application are simplistic, the utilization of these systems should be monitored.

Why Riser Monitoring?
The monitor of a riser system is simply an intelligent way to obtain a general overview of how the system is actually functioning. Many key components of a system can be monitored and data collected which will provide system feedback. This systemic analysis and feedback is utilized to identify any structural issues such as bend, fatigue or stress points.

Offsite engineers are commonly utilized to collect both full, overall system data and specific point data. The analysis of this data demonstrates a structures overall response to its job function and any external pressures which impact a system.

This information is used to verify design strengths and extend operational functions. Any weaknesses in a design can be addressed in order to improve system functionality. This type of monitoring approach increases a systems overall cost effectiveness.

There is a greater reduction in errors as well as more efficient performance as a result of this type of data monitoring. System monitoring is also an effective way to reduce the chance of accidents.

Organizations can take advantage of riser monitoring systems and the data collected. They can use this information to make any changes based on a system performance and data feedback.

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