Surgical Bras – Providing Comfortable Support

Surgical bras are an example of compression garments that can be very helpful in the management of edema and post mastectomy surgery. They help the user by providing compression and comfort as they proceed through the healing process.

These bras are used to help diminish and eliminate negative consequences after breast surgery has been performed. Some of these bras, for instance, the JOBST bra, provides excellent compression and breathable fabric for the effective management of edema. It also helps provide a cool and dry environment on the skin.

As we look at the JOBST surgical bra in particular, we find some of these features and advantages provided:

 * Latex free product
 * Reduction of hematoma formation
 * Reduction in the requirement for surgical dressings
 * Support for breast tissue post-surgery
 * Useful for managing postoperative edema
 * Lessens tension on the side of the surgery
 * Provided with or without cups
 * Allows easy examination of the surgical area
 * Machine washable and dryable

Other Recommendations
If surgical bras do not fit properly, they can cause unnecessary issues. Before you apply a compression garment, it’s important to have any open wounds treated with the necessary dressing.

The Initial Feel of Compression Garments
When you put on a compression garment such as a surgical bra for the very first time, you may notice a distinct squeezing feeling. It may take a little time getting used to this feeling, but gradually you should adjust. Therefore, it’s advisable to increase the number of hours you wear the bra during the day on a gradual basis. For instance, you may only wear the bra for a small number of hours the first day and then increase the time of wear as the days pass.

These garments are designed to be worn every day and are intended to contribute to the treatment of your condition. They are designed and manufactured for the purpose of managing the issues resulting from edema and your surgery.

The Right Care
Through the application of proper care, you can maximize the lifespan of your surgical bra. Always pay attention to the care instructions that come with your product and be sure to follow the instructions as closely as possible in order to achieve maximum use of your bra.

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