Using Water Damage Remediation in Vacaville CA To Protect Structures From Disaster

Many people underestimate the power of water and the amount of damage it can bring to a structure. Every year, water damage costs insurance companies across the country billions of dollars. In fact, the second most common insurance claim happens to be water damage. This is one of the reasons services for Water Damage Remediation in Vacaville CA are so popular.

Removing Water In A Timely Manner

Again, a lot of home and business owners don’t comprehend just how much damage a little water can cause. Water can begin causing irreversible damage to drywall in a matter of hours. This is why water, especially after a flood, needs to be removed as quickly as possible.

A service for Water Damage Remediation in Vacaville CA will have access to a variety of equipment specifically designed to remove large amounts of water. A commercial vacuum might be used to lift water from carpeting or flooring. When dealing with several inches or feet of water, a commercial water pump might be used as well.

Different Categories Of Water Contamination

First Category: The first category of contamination comes from sources of water that are relatively clean. For instance, water damage caused by an overflowing kitchen sink may classify as a category one contamination. There’s very little health risk involved in this first category.

Second Category: The second category of contamination involves water containing risky chemicals. For example, a broken aquarium or washing machine may release chemicals that aren’t very safe. In any case, this kind of water is relatively safe but still needs to be promptly removed.

Third Category: The third category of contamination comes from very dangerous and unsanitary sources. In this case, a home may find itself contaminated from a busted sewer line or a failed septic tank. This kind of water can create unsafe living conditions and may require a home or business owner to close down or relocate.

Home and business owners should check out  to learn more info about water damage and water restoration. Again, one should never underestimate how much of an effect water can have on a structure. Also, it’s important for a person to be able to distinguish between the three categories of water contamination. Knowing this kind of information will keep you and your property safe.

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