Vinyl Flooring Will Never Be The Same Again

Selecting the right flooring for your home or work space is about meeting your budget and preferred aesthetic style. Vinyl has re-emerged in recent years as an obvious contender in comfort flooring. This is likely due to versatility and incredible longevity in the face of persistent pressure and damage.

Styles and Composition

What makes vinyl considerably durable is having four layers that merge seamlessly to create an impeccable finish. Vinyl Flooring starts with a fiberglass or felt base, followed by a printed design sheet, a clear protective vinyl layer, and a top coat based on protective urethane. It can be installed in the form of tiles, planks, and sheets.

Tiles: These offer convenient installation and the option of having mortar for a more textured finish. There’s also vinyl composition tile (VCT) which is an inexpensive type composed of limestone. For a sophisticated finish, there are solid luxury vinyl tiles which contain more vinyl than VCT.

Planks: With a particular likeness to hardwood, vinyl planks offer a chic and sophisticated finish as they mimic the size and texture of wooden planks.

Sheet Vinyl: Most suitable for high temperatures or windowless rooms, sheet vinyl comes in 6 to 12-foot rolls for easy installation. The flooring is available in a spectrum of colors, as well as designs that mimic leather, slate, tile, wood, and other materials.

Vinyl Floor Tips & Info

Keeping it clean: Vinyl Flooring does not require extensive maintenance procedures such as waxing or buffing. Routine dusting and sweeping, with occasional mopping and polishing, is all that’s needed.

High traffic: This is great in rooms that generally undergo frequent wear-and-tear, such as laundry rooms, baths, playrooms, kitchens or entryways.

Pet-Friendly? Vinyl is a pet owner’s best bet in terms of longevity and resilience.

Installation: This flooring can be installed over practically any surface with the aid of a plywood underlay.

As with any trend, contemporary Vinyl Flooring has undergone considerable changes over the years. Possibilities are truly endless now, as it withstands mold, decay, and bacteria. In addition, certain vinyl floors are manufactured using recycled materials and adhere to green standards. Besides these benefits, vinyl also withstands tremendous pressure. With its vast range of colors, designs and swift installation, vinyl has a strong competitive edge over other options.

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