Want a Non-Denominational Wedding? 6 Tips for Finding an Officiant

Your wedding officiant has an important job to do: set the mood of the entire event. That’s why finding the right one matters. That’s even more important if you’re going for a non-denominational ceremony.

Comfort levels

The first sign that you’re hiring the right non-denominational officiant in Corpus Christi is the level of comfort and ease you and your fiancé feel with the officiant. Weddings are special events, witnessed by loved ones. It’s only right that you invite someone you’re comfortable with to perform the ceremony.


You don’t really have to go far and wide, though. If you have a spiritual community or your own faith, you could ask around. Ask friends and family for referrals too. These might net you a few names, good enough to give you list to start with.


Go online and look for non-denominational officiant in Corpus Christi. You’re sure to find plenty to add to your list. Once you have enough, start narrowing down your choices.


It pays to set some ground rules. The last thing you want is for your officiant to go on a political rant that would absolutely set the wrong tone for the event. Ask about the officiant’s ground rules as well. If the officiant isn’t willing to perform the ceremony or allow changes to the ceremony, you’ll need to respect that as well, reminds the Huffington Post. Be sure to talk about this early on so if you need to look for another officiant, you’ll have plenty of time to do so.


Different procedures for clergy exist in every state. You must confirm that your officiant can sign your license. Your ceremony won’t be legal and binding otherwise.


Book your officiant as soon as you have the dates finalized. Otherwise, your officiant might get booked by someone else.

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