Ways in Which a Defense Lawyer in Chicago Can Be Helpful to a Person Accused of a Crime

Hiring a defense lawyer in Chicago can be a very important step for anyone being accused of any type of criminal activity. By hiring an attorney who is experienced in this area of the law, a person will often find they have a better chance at being acquitted of a crime or obtaining a reduced sentence if they are found guilty.

Most people will find it best to do so prior to the arraignment, this way the lawyer will be able to represent their client in matters involving bail. Many times, if an accused person has a lawyer arguing his or her case, he or she will be released with very little bail, which can be a great help in this type of situation.

A defense lawyer in Chicago will also be able to inspect the information about the arrest. Often, a lawyer who is familiar with this type of legal issue will be able to locate errors in the process and this frequently leads to charges being dismissed and the accused person being allowed to go home.

Should the evidence be strong, a lawyer will be able to discuss the matter with the accused person by going over the pros and cons of the situation and helping with the decision of pleading guilty or going to trial. This can be very helpful, as many people will not understand the situation clearly and may not be able to make this determination on their own.

In some cases that involve other people who are accused of the crime, it may be possible for an accused person to obtain a plea bargain. Prosecutors will need to deal with a defense lawyer who understands the process. This can be a great help for the accused person because the attorney will be able to negotiate the plea bargain so the accused person can feel comfortable with his or her decision.

Being arrested and charged with a felony or misdemeanor can be a very stressful time for most people but by having the assistance of an experienced defense attorney, the situation can be easier to get through. For more information, please contact John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr.

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