Weather Can Affect Your Surveying Equipment

Purchasing new surveying equipment entails taking great care of it. This includes having all the proper training on how and when to use your equipment. Since surveying happens in the great outdoors, it’s easy to see how some weather conditions can affect your job performance. Of course, field personnel are affected by the weather, but so is the equipment. Most surveying crews can work during light snow or rain. However, when the weather affects your visibility, or there is lightning in the area, surveying crew should not work. Extra safety precautions should be taken for surveying crews who are also working along slick roadways. Visibility is a very important aspect of surveying, and if it is impaired, that can lead to insufficient or wrong data collection.

Keep Your Surveying Instruments Safe from Extreme Weather

When you have purchased brand-new equipment for surveying, you need to make sure to keep it safe from extreme weather. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can adversely affect your survey instruments. Some instruments have precise temperature ratings in which they should be operated. If you choose to operate outside of that temperature range, the accuracy can be negatively affected. During the heat wave, the shimmer can cause imprecise measurements taken from electronic measuring devices. The wind is also a threat, as can easily knock down equipment that is not properly secured, not to mention impairing a field personnel’s sight with flying debris. This type of damage can end up being very expensive.

Get Proper Safety Training

The surveying company you purchase your equipment from can provide you with the proper training for safety. They are ready to understand any limitations for your equipment, and can also give you the information and insight you need to finish projects accurately, safely and on time. When you work with professionals, you’re assured quality serving solutions, equipment and great customer service. Visit  for more information.

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