WEG Explosion Proof Motor: Preventing Deadly Results

An explosion proof motor contains any explosion/ flame happening within the motor. Depending upon the type, it can also prevent the release of explosive vapors/gases. In the oil and gas industry of Texas and the grain elevators of Arkansas, these motors are critical. While many models are currently available, some companies rely on those produced by WEG.

WEG Explosion Proof Motors

WEG Explosion Proof motors offer companies options to ensure the safety of their operations and employees. In fact, WEG motors can handle even the most hazardous locations – those requiring UL or CSA certification. Consider the features and qualities of the NEMA Premium Efficiency Explosion Proof Motor. For applications in the petroleum and gas industry, highly combustible floor, and feed mills as well as grain elevators, this motor has such standard features as:

* Energy efficiency: meets all requirements by EPAct

* Voltage: is available in 208-230/460, 460 or 575V

* Composition: cast iron frame within NEMA dimensions

* Insulation: falls into Class “F” for all frames

* Temperature: Class “B” (176ºF) with an ambient temperature of 104ºF

* Continuous Duty (S1)

* Fan: Non-sparking

* Thermostats

These explosion proof motors operate efficiently and safely in hazardous situations as those present in Texas oil and gas refineries.

The WEG Explosion Proof Motor

Motors are not the same. They come in different sizes and possess distinctive features. It can be challenging to find one that is suitable. It requires an understanding of the properties of the motor and the operating. While a standard electric motor is suitable for many applications, it can lack the capabilities to perform in difficult situations. More importantly, in the wrong environment, it can be deadly.

In Texas, many companies find the answer to operating an electric motor in hazardous environments to be simple. They turn to a product from a company they trust. They opt for an explosion proof motor by WEG.

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