What a Massage Therapist in Maple Valley, WA can Offer You

When it comes to muscle pain, no one understand how to relieve this better than a massage therapist in Maple Valley WA. Massage therapists are trained to help relieve stress in the muscles and millions of people seek massages on a regular basis. A massage therapist offers more than just sore muscle relief, however. There is some evidence for using massages for some medical issues.

Promotes Healing

In sports medicine, more studies are showing that a massage therapist in Maple Valley WA can help to promote healing. In many cases, when a massage is given before and after extreme activity, the healing of the muscles occur faster. For weight lifters, this is a dream come true as this means that the micro tears in their muscles can heal faster, allowing them to get faster results.

Studies also show that muscle injuries from sports heal faster when physical therapy is combined with massage therapy. In some cases, healing can occur 30% faster, depending on the depth of the injury and where the injury is located.

For Cancer Patients

While more study is needed, there are many cancer patients that have found relief from their pain with the help of massage therapy. While there haven’t been any in-depth studies, many doctors will recommend massage as part of the activities their patients participate in.

Relieves Stress

A major benefit to massage therapy is that it relieves stress. While this is the purpose of massages in general, there are associated health benefits. Less stressful people suffer less from ulcers, heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes. While a massage can’t make up for an overall general bad lifestyle, it can help reduce the average stress that people experience in their life.

Insurance Coverage

What many people don’t realize is that some insurance covers what is called a medical massage. This is a massage that targets areas specified by a doctor that includes massage as part of the treatment plan. Before paying for this type of massage, the recipient should contact their insurance company to see if they can be reimbursed for the massage.

Whether you have medical issues or you just need some stress relief, a massage therapist can help. There are many different types of massages you can choose from, ensuring that you’ll find at least one that meets your needs.

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