What a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Nassau County, NY Can Do to Help You

Whoever is employed at any given company should know that the company most likely has a type of insurance that kicks in should the employee get hurt. Known as workers’ compensation, the insurance is designed to take care of an employee’s medical bills and also compensate them for any work time lost, if the injury or illness occurs because of being at work. Sometimes the workers’ compensation benefit doesn’t go as smoothly as an employee, and theywill need legal assistance. A workers’ compensation attorney in Nassau County, NY advises and helps clients with workers’ compensation issues.

Addressing Workers’ Compensation Issues

One of the major issues where a client might want to get an attorney involved when it comes to workers’ compensation is when there is a discrepancy about the injury that occurred at work. What the employee lists as the reason for their injury and what the employer may deem to be the reason may be two different things. It is important for the client to keep an accurate paper trail the moment the workplace incident occurs, especially when it comes to the details of the accident.

More Workers’ Comp Issues that May Lead to Legal Woes

When the incident that occurred at work involved safety issues, OSHA may be called in to conduct an investigation, in which case having an attorney to help the client protect their rights is vital. Other things that may complicate a workers’ compensation issue are related to the Family Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Both of these will impact when and if an employee will be able to return to work.

An Attorney Who Can Help with Workers’ Compensation

The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III have been providing workers’ compensation solutions for clients in Nassau County, New York for many years. In addition to helping clients with workers’ compensation issues, these law offices provide services for personal injury cases. If an individual is in need of a workers’ compensation attorney in Nassau County, NY, these law offices are available.

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