What Can You Expect From Non-Surgical Fat Cell Destruction?

In the past, the only method of losing unwanted fatty areas was through an invasive procedure called liposuction. With innovations in technology, there are now more options than ever before, allowing individuals to get rid of their excess fat without having to go under the knife or through any risky procedure. It is important a person discovers their options and learns as much as they can so they can make the right decision for Non-surgical Fat Cell Destruction.

There are two main methods for fat cell destruction:

  • Ultrasound Non-surgical Fat Cell Destruction is done with a special ultrasound machine. The surgeon first marks the areas of the body that will be treated. A thin layer of ultrasound gel is then placed on the area so the ultrasound transducer head can send ultrasounds into the fat cells, causing them to be injured and destroyed. This causes them to leak their contents which the body absorbs and excretes through the urine.
  • Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical procedure that allows the fat cells to be destroyed with cold. The fat is sucked between two metal plates and the area is slowly cooled down to a very specific temperature so as to cause the destruction of the fat cells. Just like with the ultrasound treatment, the cells are destroyed and then the fat content is absorbed by the body over a period of time.

To find out which of these treatments will be most beneficial, an individual will need to schedule a consultation appointment. Patients may need to have more than one treatment, depending upon the areas that need to be treated and how large they are. It is important for a person to realize their results will begin to unfold over a period of a couple of weeks as the fat cells are absorbed.

With these procedures, there is no downtime and a patient can immediately return to their normal activity. If you have stubborn fatty areas, you can be treated at The Skin Center. You can learn more when you visit their Facebook page. With these treatments, you can finally say goodbye to those stubborn areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise.

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