How Does a Family Dentistry Dentist Help Patients Prevent Cavities?

Cavities are one of the biggest threats to a person’s smile. If cavities are not taken care of promptly, they will easily destroy a tooth or spread to other teeth. This is why it is vital individuals do all they can protect their family from decay by brushing, flossing, and consuming a healthy diet. As a big part of the process of protection, it is critical families seek Family Dentistry for preventative care appointments. With this information, individuals can better understand how their dentist can protect the health of their smile.

‘At a preventative care appointment, a person will first have X-rays taken. These are typically taken before the teeth are cleaned, so it is important a person makes sure their teeth are brushed and flossed so the images will be as clear as possible. X-rays are taken for finding cavities as soon as possible and for detecting injuries and any formation issues that may arise. This is an important diagnostic tool, so children will need them taken twice a year and adults at least once a year.

The cleaning of the teeth is a vital part of preventative care. Even if a person brushes and flosses as often as their dentist and the ADA recommend, their teeth may not be as clean as they hope. The tiny cracks and crevices on the teeth are difficult to clean with a manual brush. The hygienist carefully cleans the teeth, removing all of the threats that can cause decay.

Children can have sealants placed on their molars to protect these teeth from cavities. The cracks and crevices are prime breeding grounds for decay, so the dentist can seal these with materials that can stay in place for a couple of years, protecting the teeth until they fall out and are replaced with the permanent molars. These have been proven to prevent decay in the most vulnerable of the teeth.

With Family Dentistry, patients can have their teeth cleaned, X-rayed, and examined to ensure no cavities are forming that would cause damage to their smile. If it is time for your preventative dentistry appointment, contact the office of Lewis Family Dentistry. You can learn more about their practice on their Facebook page.

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