Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Aire-Flo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte, FL

Investing in a central air unit can add value to a property and comfort to the home. Taking time to choose the right system can help a homeowner save energy and money in the long term. However, there are some mistakes homeowners should try to avoid when purchasing a central AC system.

Buying the Wrong Size Unit

Some buyers choose units that are too small or too large for the space to be cooled. A customer should not assume the largest unit will offer the most cooling. Different Aire-Flo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL are designed for certain cooling capacities depending on the home’s size, and choosing the wrong system can result in energy loss, inefficiency, and higher power bills. An AC contractor can perform a property assessment to determine and recommend the right size system for any home.

Choosing an Inexperienced Contractor

While choosing the lowest-cost installer can help a homeowner save money, knowledge and experience should not be disregarded. Qualified HVAC contractors with knowledge of the system to be installed will provide service customers can rely on.

Not Getting a Written Guarantee and Estimate

Customers should insist on receiving a written estimate of the cost, including a guarantee on installation and a warranty on Aire-Flo Air Conditioners in Port Charlotte FL. The written estimate should include a completion timeline, contact information, and payment terms. If there are questions as to what the customer should expect, the estimate can provide a reference point, and it can protect both sides should litigation become necessary.

Shopping Based on Price

As with all investments, an HVAC customer gets what they pay for. Customers should shop for systems that offer value, efficiency, and reliability. A low-priced system may result in upfront savings, but it may not be as reliable or efficient as a system that costs a bit more. Deciding based on price can cost more in repairs than choosing a higher-quality installation and system from a company like AA Temperature Services INC.

Home HVAC systems can last upwards of 20 years, making them an important investment for any homeowner. By avoiding the mistakes listed here, customers can get a system upon which they can rely for cooling and heating all year long. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

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