What Do You Know About Home Damage Restoration In Tallahassee Florida?

Possibly, you have not given it all that much thought. By and large, Tallahassee is a pretty safe place for one to build a home in.


People have certainly been living there for a long time. Indigenous peoples like the Apalachee and Mississippian tribes are known to have inhabited the area from around 1050 AD to 1500 AD (the evidence can still be seen today at the Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park). The Spanish were the first European settlers with Hernando de Soto’s occupation of an Apalachee town close to what is now known as Tallahassee in the winter of 1538–1539. The place languished somewhat until 1824 when it was chosen as Florida’s capital because it was roughly equidistant away from the (then) major cities of Pensacola and St. Augustine (making it easier for politicians, etc to travel to). Despite this, Tallahassee remained a small compact town through to the middle of the 19TH Century that never quite lost its Capital status. Colleges and State Government buildings led the expansion through to the current (2014) population of 375,751 in the Tallahassee metropolitan area.

No Major Natural Catastrophes

The city is relatively free from the tornado and hurricane risks associated with other parts of the state. Nor is it in an earthquake zone, so well constructed buildings tend to last. This makes Home Damage Restoration in Tallahassee more about renovation and remodeling than recovery from disaster.

Other Causes Of Damage

Fire and explosions can, unfortunately, happen but a more common problem comes from the basic geology of the area. The underlying rock is mainly limestone which will slowly dissolve in rainwater leading to a condition known as karst – caves, sinkholes and aquifers are a feature of karst countryside. For the homeowner, soil stability underneath their buildings has to be a consideration when constructing in this part of Florida. Subsidence can make floors uneven, doors stick and cracks appear in walls, etc. It may well be that before commencing Home Damage Restoration in Tallahassee, you need to consult with a geology expert as to the overall condition of your homes foundations. Patching up cracks in a brick or cement wall that is standing on soil that is subsiding or has been washed away will not be a permanent solution.

Ram Jack Solid Foundations are one such source of expert advice. They can get to the foot of your problem before you commence Home Damage Restoration in Tallahassee.

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