What Do You Need to Know About Veneers in Birmingham?

When you are not happy with your smile, it shows. Most people find themselves hiding their smiles when they have cosmetic concerns. If your teeth are badly damaged, stained or malformed, it can be difficult for you to feel confident about your appearance. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic treatment that can help. Your dentist can cover your teeth and perfect your smile through Veneers in Birmingham. Porcelain veneers completely cover any cosmetic concerns with your teeth, so your smile looks beautiful and you regain your confidence.

In the past, the procedure for placing veneers on teeth was an invasive one. Dentists had to remove part of the tooth tissue, so there would be ample room for the veneer to be put in place, without causing the teeth to protrude. Through the latest advancements in cosmetic dental care, porcelain veneers are now thinner than ever before. This means your teeth can be corrected, without the need for removing any tooth tissue. This makes the procedure much safer and does not cause any damage to your teeth, so you can choose to have your veneers removed at any time.

To put veneers over your teeth, the dentist will make sure your teeth are clean and dry. Each veneer will be specially chosen, to match the color and size of your teeth. Using a special dental adhesive, the dentist will coat your teeth and then put the veneer in place. Once in place, a special light will be used, to instantly harden the adhesive, so the veneer becomes a permanent part of your smile. Once the veneer is in place, the dentist will continue working, until all of the front teeth are covered.

Once your veneers are in place, they can perfect your smile for many years. It is important you properly care for your teeth, so your veneers are not damaged. If one does become damaged, your dentist may be able to repair it or replace it.

To learn more about dental Veneers in Birmingham and how they can perfect your smile, contact Anglin And Nelson Dental. They can help you to achieve the beautiful smile you have been longing for, so you can be happy with your appearance.





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