What is Invovled With a Timing Belt Replacement in Ewa Beac?

While many car owners never have to worry about Timing Belt Replacement in Ewa Beach, the fact is the belts can fail with little to no warning. Like the chains used in the past, and still used on some models today, timing belts that split will leave the vehicle inoperable. When this happens, the only alternative is to have the belt replaced by a professional.

Getting Ready for the Replacement

Along with securing the type of belt that is right for the make and model of the engine, it pays to start the Timing Belt Replacement in Ewa Beach by disconnecting the battery cables. Doing so ensures there is no danger of shocks as the mechanic begins the removal of any components that block access to the old belt.

Reaching the Belt

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, reaching the old belt can be difficult. With some models, there is the need to remove the water pump first. For other makes and models, it will also be necessary to remove the distributor in order to get to the old belt. This means the mechanic who is managing the task will need to put the car on a rack, then remove several components in order to reach the pulleys and gears that are the home for the belt. Each of the removed parts, including any covers, are set aside carefully so they can be re-installed once the new belt is in place.

Removing the Belt

The process will often call for loosening the tensioner and the mounting bolts that hold the array in place. It is usually recommended to not totally remove the bolts. The goal is to loosen them sufficiently to swing the tensioner to one side and pull the old belt away from the gears. After slipping the new belt into position, the tensioner can be reset so that it is touching the belt. From there, the job focuses on aligning the belt properly and then making sure the bolts are secure once again.

Professionals like those at LS Automotive Repair and Transmission LLC will have access to engine diagrams and will know the best way to reach the belt, based on the engine design. While the process can take some time and attention to detail, the chances of needing to replace the belt a second time are very low.


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