What Does Antifreeze Do in a Vehicle?

Antifreeze keeps your vehicle’s engine running at an optimal temperature. It is a chemical compound, usually containing ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol. When mixed with water, antifreeze prevents the car engine from getting too hot or too cold. Usually antifreeze is fortified with additional chemicals that inhibit corrosion too, which is why antifreeze is a multipurpose chemical formulation and not simply a coolant. Antifreeze suppliers in Florida usually carry several different brands of antifreeze, each with different properties. The best kind of antifreeze for your use depends on the vehicle and on your own preferences. For example, some antifreeze comes premixed with water as a ready-to-use coolant solution you can pour in when the antifreeze needs to be replaced. Other types come as pure antifreeze, which you would then have to dilute yourself with distilled water. Whether you are willing to dilute it with water or prefer to purchase it premixed, an antifreeze supplier in Florida can help you pick the best brand and type for your vehicle.

Antifreeze needs to be circulated through the engine, heating core, and radiator. The antifreeze/water combination can circulate through your vehicle for only so long before it loses its ability to work or becomes contaminated. Antifreeze chemicals like ethylene glycol or diethylene glycol function in a fairly straightforward manner by changing the freezing and boiling points of water. Once it loses its ability to do so, you could have serious engine problems related to overheating or freezing. An antifreeze supplier in Florida can help you to purchase the best brand and type of antifreeze to keep your vehicle working properly. Antifreeze chemicals are toxic and you should take care when using them.

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