What Fee Does A Disability Attorney Charge?

Many people sidelined by a physical or mental disability will hesitate to make unnecessary expenditures. They may know that a disability lawyer in Chicago can help improve their chances of being granted benefits, but they feel they cannot afford the luxury of hiring professional assistance. This is not a concern. Unlike many attorneys, a disability attorney works on a contingency fee basis; this means they are paid when you are granted benefits.

Contingency fee agreement:

When you hire a disability attorney, you will enter into an agreement that gives the Social Security Administration the authority to pay the legal fee directly from your past-due benefits once your claim is approved. The agreement is subject to review by the SSA to ensure it meets all applicable guidelines.

What does the attorney charge?

Disability attorneys are limited to charging clients 25 percent of the past-due benefits they are awarded up to a maximum of $6,000. The fee is paid only from the past-due amount and usually is paid directly to the attorney. In the event your claim fails, and you are denied benefits, your attorney is not entitled to his or her fee.

As you can see, it costs nothing to hire a disability attorney in Chicago; the legal fee is paid out of your award. You may be asked to pay a small amount to the attorney; this is to cover the cost of various documents that may be necessary to support your claim.

What is “back pay”?

Upon approval of your claim, the SSA will determine what they owe you in back pay. Back pay is retroactive benefits that start on the date of your approval back to the date the SSA determined you became disabled and were unable to work. Back pay cannot go back any further than 12 months if you are claiming SSDI although it can go back to the date of application if your application is for SSI.

The chances of being awarded Social Security benefits are considerably better when you hire a seasoned disability attorney in Chicago. To discuss your claim, contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown.

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