What is Unique About Different Types of Massage?

Even if you know a massage would make you feel better, sometimes it can be challenging to understand which type to massage to look for. Most of them carry health benefits, but some are better for certain situations than for others. With hundreds of techniques out there, it can be a lot to keep up with. In this article, we will look at the most common massage types, so you know which one you should get from a massage parlor in Downey, CA.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

The three main types of massage for relaxation and stress relief are the Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and chair massage. Swedish massage involves tapping, sweeping strokes, friction, and kneading of muscles. It is best for those who are beginners to massage looking for relaxation or stress relief.

Hot stone massage helps to release tension in the body, especially the bank and shoulders. It helps with extremely tense muscles and general centering of the body.

A chair massage is a simple massage that is inexpensive and short. The most common reasons to choose this massage are if you need a bit of stress relief or if you have been on your feet all day.

Treatment of Pain or Health Conditions

Those who are interested in a massage to treat medical conditions or pain will likely want to choose a deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, or neuromuscular therapy.

Deep tissue massage involves applying pressure to specific areas of the body. This is the best option for those who have stiff regions, especially on the neck or shoulder areas. It can leave you sore for afterward for up to a couple of days.

The trigger point massage is similar to the deep tissue but is often used for tension and chronic muscle pain. It’s possible to do this type of massage yourself.

Neuromuscular massage is a type of trigger point massage provided by a trained therapist. It is used for treating posture problems, poor circulation, and other injuries.

Rejuvenation and Overall Health

If you only want to keep your body in good health and promote rejuvenation, you may find Shiatsu massage, Thai massage, or sports massage is an excellent choice. Shiatsu is commonly used for back pain and headaches, while Thai helps to flexibility and energy. Sports massage it tailored toward athletes.

No matter what type of massage you need, be sure to choose a professional massage parlor in Downey, CA. Downey Massage would be happy to set up an appointment for you. Find out more by visiting www.DowneyMassageSpa.com.

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