What Services Will an Optician in Chicago Provide to a Patient?

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Optometrist

People are sometimes confused when it comes to understanding the difference between opticians and optometrists. Both of these professionals play important roles in eye care, with the optician in Chicago focusing on the delivery of corrective lenses to the patient. Here are some examples of what an optician does.

Help with Frame Selection

If the patient has opted to wear glasses rather than contact lenses, the optician in Chicago can aid in selecting the right type of frames. The professional will make recommendations based on factors such as the personal style of the patient, the contours of the face, and even the materials used for the frames. With the right selection, the patient is likely to be happier with his or her appearance, which is something that makes it all the easier to feel comfortable wearing the glasses.

Discussing Options for Contact Lenses

If the patient has settled on contact lenses, the optician can go over the differences between available options. This includes the benefits of using disposable lenses or going with a set of soft lenses that are intended for daily wear over the long term. The professional can also discuss the possibility of investing in tinted lenses if the patient wishes to enhance the color of the eyes or alter their appearance. As with the selection of the frames, the goal is to make sure the eyewear is both functional and attractive.


Before the work of the optician can be considered complete, the patient must be happy with the eyewear selected. Using the prescription provided by an optometrist and taking into consideration the preferences of the patient, the optician will have the final product made. Once it is ready, the patient tries the eyewear to make sure it feels comfortable and that the quality of performance is acceptable.

For people who are in need of new corrective eyewear, it pays to work with the professionals at Tropical Optical Corp. They will go over all the options and come up with a plan that suits the patient. When it is all said and done, the eyewear will provide excellent vision correction and also ensure the patient is confident about his or her appearance.

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