Why Computer Glasses in Fort Collins, CO Are in Demand

The Information Age is also known as the Computer Age, and with good reason. Most information now comes to the public via some sort of computerized device. Between work and leisure time, the world’s population spends a big chunk of each day staring at a screen. While that offers exceptional benefits, it has also resulted in a new kind of eye strain. Fortunately, specialists like Vision Eyeland Super Optical, LLC in Fort Collins, Colorado provide computer glasses that help to prevent or ease the condition.

Why Computer Glasses Are Necessary

Computer Glasses in Fort Collins CO are prescribed for patients of all ages who use technology in various ways. Those under 40 often need corrective lenses because their eyes cannot easily change focus as they move from keyboards to screens and back. Under-40s often develop computer vision syndrome (CVS), resulting in blurry vision, red eyes, and even headaches. Older folks may have similar symptoms because presbyopia, the inability to focus on close objects, is setting in.

How Special Lenses Help Computer Users

Glasses prescribed for CVS correct vision in a different way than typical lenses. The average computer user is sitting about 26 inches from the screen, which is neither distant nor very close. Neither users with glasses that correct distance vision nor those wearing reading glasses are helped. Prescription Computer Glasses in Fort Collins CO correct intermediate vision and give wearers wide, clear views of screens, which reduces eyestrain.

Where Clients Can Find the Best Glasses

Although it is common for CVS sufferers to first try several pairs of over-the-counter glasses, most eventually visit sites like Visioneyeland.com and arrange consultations with opticians. The reason non-prescription glasses fail is that individual eyesight is so varied even a tiny difference in lenses can render glasses ineffective. Fortunately, professionals offer single lens glasses as well as bifocals, progressive lenses, and occupational progressive lenses. They also sell a huge variety of good-looking frames and will ensure that they fit comfortably.

Along with wonderful technological advances, the Computer Age has spawned a new kind of eyestrain among computer users. Fortunately, optical professionals offer a range of specially-designed glasses to correct intermediate vision and help wearers see comfortably while using computers.

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