What To Expect From A Tampa Car Accident Attorney

While many accidents in Tampa are handled effectively by the insurance companies, when there are serious injuries, permanent injuries or when there is a death in an accident, it is very wise to retain a car accident attorney as quickly as possible.

It can be difficult to determine the best professional for your legal representation. However, in the initial case evaluation meeting, which should be a free consultation with the lawyer, you have the opportunity to meet with the attorney and determine if he or she is the attorney you want on your side.

There are several different issues to consider when choosing a car accident attorney. Most people will look for name recognition, but remember that personal injury cases aren’t typically big headline cases, so many very qualified attorneys have limited name recognition in this field, at least until you have used their services.


The is a difference between name recognition and experience in an attorney. Many of the best professionals don’t spend a lot on advertising as they have a strong customer base and are continually referred, new clients.

Expertise means actual cases handled and how the cases were resolved. It isn’t uncommon for these cases to settle out of court, which can help to save you money and offer a quick settlement possibility. Attorneys can provide general information on their past cases, but they cannot provide specifics. Ask about cases settled out of court and if the attorney has litigation experience in personal injury cases.


In serious injury or death cases, you will have ongoing communication with your car accident attorney. In the first case evaluation meeting, assess how effectively the attorney communicates information and if you are comfortable with the information they provide as accurate and relevant to your specific case.

Good communication between any Tampa attorney and client is important, but in challenging and potentially difficult cases it is absolutely essential.

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