What to expect from the oilfield construction Alberta process

Oilfield construction Alberta companies provide encompasses a wide range of different services.

Some of the services they offer include gas plant construction, pipeline construction, and more. Whether this is your first oilfield construction job or you are a seasoned project manager, you can benefit from learning what to expect. Learning more about the process will ensure that you are well prepared for what lies ahead.

Surveying the land

Prior to the oilfield construction Alberta processes beginning, it is necessary to survey the land. One can survey the land relatively quickly by using the right tools and technology. The construction crew has what it takes to get this process started so that the construction process can begin right away. Surveying the land is an important step in making sure that the area is ready for construction to begin.

Clearing & grading the land

Clearing and grading the land are the next steps that come after surveying the land. Clearing and grading the land involves removal of bushes, trees, and shrubs from the area so that it can be prepared for the construction process. Grading the land smooths it out and makes it easier to lay down the piping that will be placed there. It also makes it easier for heavy equipment to operate on more level land.

Additional processes involved in oilfield construction

There are additional processes involved including topsoil segregation, trenching, stringing, pipe bending, welding, and more. Inspection and repairs are an additional component of the oilfield construction Alberta process. Any inspections and repairs that need to be made are handled by the platinum pipe fitting company you hire.

Oilfield construction is an in depth process that has many stages and steps involved. Take the time to find a trusted company who can ensure that everything goes along as planned.

At Platinum Pipefitting, we offer the best oilfield construction Alberta has to offer. 

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