What to Expect When Replacing Auto Glass in Tecumseh, MI

Windshields and the side windows of vehicles are common items that vehicle owners need to have replaced or repaired. Luckily, most repair shops offer a mobile service to install the new glass, so vehicle owners are able to keep their normal schedule while the work is completed. Auto Glass in Tecumseh MI is often covered by insurance companies and the company will generally direct-bill the insurer for their customer. This makes the process fairly simple for most car and truck owners, but there are still some things they must do to protect their new glass.

Most windshields and side windows take only about an hour to remove and replace. Many windshields are done is less time, but it is a good idea to allow the extra time in case a complication arises. Once a side window is installed and tested to make certain it raises and lowers properly, the vehicle is free to be used as normal. Windshield replacement is a little more difficult as the sealant around the glass needs to dry. In this instance, it is usually suggested that drivers wait an hour before operating the vehicle and 24-hours before using a car wash or hose on the vehicle. Rain will not disrupt the sealant because it is water pressure, not just moisture, that is a concern. The technician may suggest waiting a day or two before operating the car or truck at highway speeds as well to make certain the seal has the time to cure correctly.

Not all windshields are broken but are chipped or cracked instead. In many instances these are easy for a technician to repair and prevent further damage and the work will usually take only a few minutes. Another concern is when Auto Glass in Tecumseh MI is not always replaced correctly. Many people have had the experience of purchasing a used car and discovering the windshield leaks or whistles when the vehicle is moving. Companies like Maple City Glass Inc are able to inspect the windshield to determine if the problem is repairable. Contact the company for more information about the cost or time needed to replace or repair of any type of glass.

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