Possible Plumbing Bypasses for Water Softeners in Leesburg FL

Plumbers and technicians who install water softeners in Leesburg FL can set up the system so it provides soft water to the entire house, or they can direct soft water only to certain plumbing fixtures. One important aspect to consider right from the start is bypassing the exterior faucets. Keeping the water soft requires regeneration of the resin beads in the tank on a regular basis. Sodium or potassium tablets are required for that, along with a large amount of water. That costs money. The more soft water is used over the course of a week or several days, the more often regeneration is required. Bypassing exterior faucets makes sense because there’s typically no reason to use soft water outdoors. Softeners come with their own bypass device that shuts off soft water to all the plumbing in the building, but remembering to set that bypass every time someone wants to use a garden hose tends to be an inconvenient hassle.

Some homeowners prefer Water Softeners in Leesburg FL to only be hooked up to the hot water supply. They want soft water for showers, baths, laundry and hand washing of dishes. They’ll typically add some cold water to the hot water for these purposes, but the water will still be soft enough for their preferences. The person installing the system can set this arrangement up as directed. Another possibility involves bypassing faucets from which people typically obtain their drinking water, since some individuals prefer the taste and texture of hard water. The system might bypass the bathroom sinks altogether and exclude the hot water tap in the kitchen.

There are other ways to arrange the soft water supply in a house. It’s possible to provide this water only to showers, bathtubs and the washing machine, for example. For many homeowners, those are the only important places to avoid hard water. They mainly want various soap products to be more effective and to prevent hard mineral scale from building up on surfaces and fixtures. An organization such as Eco Water Systems of North Florida is ready to consult with homeowners about the possibilities.

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