What to Include In Your Natural Spring Custom Labeled Water Bottle?

So, you have decided to have custom labeled water bottles made for your brand. Great! Custom labeled water can be an excellent option for companies who want to promote healthiness or get their name out there among the public. However, deciding on doing that is not the last stage of the process. The next decision you have to make is what you want to put on those labels.

Slogan or Motto

If your company has a slogan, placing it on the water bottles might be an excellent idea. Distributors like Alexa Springs will allow you to place almost anything on your custom labels. They even include a handy template to download, depending on the size of the bottle that you are interested in.

Contact Email Address

You should be sure that you provide your company email address on each bottle. That way anyone who uses or sees them can get in touch with you quickly and easily. The purpose of having bottles from a premium label water bottle company is to show off your brand, so make sure you make use of all the space you have available.

Website URL

This is probably reasonably self-explanatory after discussing the company email address, but a URL is a great addition, too. This could be a link to your company website, a social media account, or even an event that your company is connected with. The most ways people have to get involved, the more likely they will end up a customer or client.

Other Contact Information

While many people will be happy to visit you online, you should also consider providing your company address and phone number. This gives additional information for anyone interested in learning more about your brand. Many of these pieces of information can be combined and added to what we suggest as the final piece of your design.

Graphic or Photo

For those who have a logo associated with their company, that can be a great way to make your bottles stand out. Even if you do not want to use your logo, some kind of graphic that is eye-catching will ensure that your brand and message make it beyond your company facilities.

Alexa Springs offers quality personalized water for corporations. All bottles are filled with natural spring water. There are no setup fees associated with your order.

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