What to Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS

Committing a crime doesn’t mean the person is automatically going to be convicted and sent to jail for the maximum amount of time. There are quite a few factors that go into determining guilt and the length of sentences. One of the ways to minimize the impact of an arrest is to work with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS. The attorney may be able to have the charges dropped or lowered. If not, they’ll be able to help the person receive a lower sentence after a conviction.

Check Fields and Experience

When a person needs a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hattiesburg MS, they’ll need to ensure the attorney has experience with cases like theirs. When an attorney has worked with similar cases in the past, they’ll have more detailed knowledge of how to help the person. Not all criminal attorneys focus on the same criminal laws. An attorney who only works on traffic cases will not have the experience necessary to work on a murder charge.

Check Past Results

The person should check reviews and learn about previous outcomes for cases the attorney has hired. An attorney should have cases with a variety of outcomes, not just plea deals to get a lower sentence. Some charges should be dropped, some should result in a not-guilty verdict, and some may result in a guilty verdict but have a lower than the maximum sentence.
Attend a Consultation

Once the person has a good idea of who they want to hire, they should have a consultation with the attorney. This gives the attorney a chance to learn about the situation and the person a chance to find out what the attorney thinks possible outcomes will be. The attorney can’t guarantee an outcome, but they should have a good idea of what the person is facing and what to try to limit the impact of an arrest or conviction.

Taking the time to find the right criminal defense attorney in Hattiesburg MS can make a big difference in how the case is handled and what the results are. Even if the person is guilty and doesn’t think there’s any hope, they can contact Criminal Defense Attorney at T. Michael Reed to see what their options are and find out if there’s a way to avoid a lengthy jail term. Look at more info.

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