What You Should Know About Conversions For A Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed In California

Anyone who has ever purchased a Dodge Mega Cab knows the limitations that come with a short bed. While the truck has many wonderful features, having a big truck with a short bed can make hauling full sheets of plywood, wallboard or other lumber materials a big problem. Fortunately, the simple solution to the problem is long bed conversions. If you are looking for a long bed conversion installation for your Mega Cab, here are a few things to know.

Always hire a professional

Unless you are a certified and experienced welder with a specialization for auto frames, don’t attempt to do a long bed kit! Things can go wrong if you do something that weakens the frame of your cab. While it may be temptingly cheaper to do it yourself, causing an accident because your truck literally came apart is not worth the extra money you will save. Find a certified body shop that specializes in conversions for a Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed in California and then get a second opinion.

Make sure your warranty stays intact

Vehicle warranty appraisers get a little squirrelly when you start messing with the construction of their vehicles. Make sure any body shop you go to completely warranty the work they do. Also, have a sign off from the Dodge appraisers that your original warranty will not be voided if you get a conversion.

Special financing

Getting a long bed conversion isn’t cheap. Most shops charge between $4500 and $7000 to have the procedure doneā€¦ and that’s the cost of a used car. Unless you have the cash lying around, financing your conversions with personal bank loans is typical. However, when choosing a body shop to do your conversion, see if they have any cheaper financing options available that can save you interest payments.

Long-distance options

There aren’t many body shops that do long bed conversions, so finding one in the California area can be tough. Some shops, like Precision Bodyline, offer vehicle shipping or even come-to-you services that eliminate a trip. If you find a shop you trust, but isn’t in your area, ask them if they have any shipping options.

Getting a Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed in California eliminates the problems that the short bed causes. If you get the job done by a professional and the cost is reasonable, it’s like getting a new truck!

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