What’s Involved in Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga, TN?

Mechanical engineering is a complex field requiring familiarity with important principles of physics, engineering, and other fields. Mechanical engineers take this knowledge and use it to design and produce parts and equipment for manufacturing and other fields. A mechanical engineer takes an idea for a product and sees it through design and production. The most important and specialized aspect of Mechanical Engineering in Chattanooga TN is the ability to design systems requiring motion and ensure they will function as intended.

This is an even more complex task than it sounds. Although modern technology like computer aided design, or CAD, and product life cycle management, or PLM, tools have made the task of designing complex systems a little bit more manageable, immense knowledge and skill are still required to work in this field. Tools such as these allow engineers to more quickly, and thus more cost-effectively design products on the computer. This means that no physical model will have to be developed until close to the end of the development phase, increasing options for evaluating performance in computer simulation.

Because of the complexity of this field, Mechanical Engineers in Chattanooga TN study for years to learn their craft. Degrees require at least four to five years of study, with many employed in the field going on to achieve further masters degrees in engineering, technology, science, or management. Furthermore, licensing is required on a state level, with four years of additional training before licensing tests can even be taken. So, if you’ve got a complex machine that needs to be built, rest assured an experienced mechanical engineer has the knowledge to design it to meet your needs.

For those requiring complex designs requiring the aid of a mechanical engineer, companies such as Campbell & Associates Inc offer consulting services. These include providing full plans with energy simulations and modeling as well as comparisons of different systems and variations. Mechanical engineers like these can take your initial concept and turn it into a reality, doing the work for you all the way through completing construction documents and dealing with contractor administration. Be sure your project is in good hands by hiring a design firm you can trust.

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