When Does An Ob/Gyn Recommend Estrogen Therapy?


As women grow older, their body decreases secretion of estrogen. The onset of menopause can result in a wide range of symptoms. Some may negatively affect the lifestyle. For those who seek relief from hot flashes, mood changes, night sweats, trouble sleeping and weight gain, your ob-gyn may have the answer. For many women in Salt Lake City, treatment may well be estrogen therapy.

What Is It?

Estrogen, or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), involves taking estrogen. Your primary doctor will recommend you see an obstetrician/gynecologist about this option. HRT involves one of the several forms of administering the drug into your system. Among them are:

  • Cream
  • Gels
  • Pills
  • Skin patches
  • Sprays
  • Tablets
  • Vaginal ring

Women either ingest or absorb the material through the skin. It depends on whether the recommendation is for systemic or local therapy.

Current Recommendations

In the early 21st century, WHI research indicated precautions against the formerly “all menopausal women should consider HRT” stance. Today, an experienced and knowledgeable ob-gyn adopts caution when recommending using estrogen. While hormone therapy can relieve symptoms, they are not for everyone. Obgyns will look to see if the benefits outweigh the risks. They will recommend HRT in Salt Lake City for those who:

  • Suffer from severe symptoms interfering with their quality of life
  • Are below age 60
  • Do not have a history of or risk for stroke or blood clots
  • Are healthy
  • Do not plan to use it for an extended – over 5-years, time

Those who fail to meet the requirements may be able to take smaller doses. They may also turn to alternative treatments.

Your Ob-gyn and HRT

If you are younger than 60, are in good health and have no record or risk of stroke or blood clots, your ob-gyn in Salt Lake City may recommend estrogen therapy to reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. This treatment is not for everyone. Consult closely with your doctor before you decide on method and duration.

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