Do You Need a Solar Panel Cleaning Service? Yes, You Do

Solar panels can help you reduce your energy consumption, lower your bills and provide you with a more sustainable source of energy at home. However, care and maintenance are key in making those panels last. Here’s why:

Leaved, bird poop and other particles

These can all get on your solar panels and compromise the amount of power your system can absorb and convert into energy. After all, if there’s grime and dirt in the way, that’s going to make it difficult for the solar panels to absorb as much heat as possible. With the assistance of a solar panel cleaning service in Walnut Creek CA, though, you can effectively keep these off your panels.

Less energy generated

Grime and dust can accumulate on your panels over time. That could amount to as much as 25 percent in lost energy, says How Stuff Works. The key to a hitch-free solar panel system is to keep those panels free from dirt, dust and grime buildup. With regular cleaning, you won’t have to worry about your system generating less electricity than it should.

Expertise and experience

Hiring a solar panel cleaning service in Walnut Creek CA means you can trust them to take care of the details. They know what tools to use and how to go about the job in a way that’s fast and efficient. Instead of getting up there and trying a DIY approach—one that could lead to disastrous results if you make a mistake—you can simply call them up and have them take care of the problem in the next few hours, saving you a ton of time and trouble in the process.

Less worries and more time

Having someone else worry about your dirty solar panels gives you less worries and more time to focus on getting your own work done, dive into a good book or just sleep your way through your weekend.

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