Tips On Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh

For those homeowners who have not yet had the unpleasant experience of encountering ground bees, here is a word of caution. While they are not poisonous or naturally more dangerous than other bees, they can be much more of a nuisance because of their nests are on the ground where they are easily stepped on by people walking through the yard. Here are some of the best ways for Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh.

Tarp Them Off

If one is opposed to killing bees, perhaps because of moral objections, one of the best ways to deal with them is to cover the entire area that has nests with one or more large tarps. The tarps should be large enough to cover the entire area plus several feet more around the affected area. Try to do this at night while the bees are not active. The tarps should be weighed down, so they are not easily moved.

Douse Them

If the homeowner is not that concerned with the environment, another popular method for Ground Bee Control in Pittsburgh is to use chemicals to destroy the bees, These chemicals are toxic and can also cause harm to humans, so great care must be taken when using them. Look for poisons that are labeled for killing ground bees, not just typical bumblebees. These types of treatments are not advised if the household has children who play in the yard or pets who are allowed access to the yard.


Professional exterminators, such as The-Beeman, can be called in to get rid of the bees with no work being required of the homeowner. Many people prefer this method because it is quick and easy. Remember to ask in advance what the cost of the service will be so that there are no surprises when the exterminator arrives.

If one is unsure if they have ground bees and they want to be certain, or if they feel the insect may be of a different variety, browse the website for a treasure trove of insect-related information. The experts will be able to answer any question a person could have when it comes to nuisance insects. Visit the website for more information.

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